How notebook could be shrink?

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Now on the market price, this is more good notebook things, but some low-cost laptop always lets a person feel suspicious: they and other similar configuration, brand notebook cheaper price zha so much? Manufacturers in which reduces the cost? If the water shrinkage effect using notebook? No business, then directly into the text. Believe that you read this, after the mysteries of low-cost notebook ", "the price of notebook purchase and use will also have clear understanding.

Housing materials and die

Engineering plastic casing, slightly dull even "ignores modelling, is a low-cost notebook" character ". Actually this also no wonder, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, carbon fiber, etc, but though high-grade material price is higher, and the engineering plastics many of these materials, processing molding relatively difficult also considerable. Fine down, with these high-grade material shell than by ordinary engineering plastic shells to do your hundreds yuan.

Die also worth. Design and produce a notebook mould, and usually need to millions of complex, the outward appearance is exquisite craft of mould design production cost is higher. In addition, high-grade mold parting (will withdraw from the shell mould process), it is also very high difficulty increases notebook shell amortization expenses. In this case, the most low notebook will use the male mold, provide backend line that is not die design and production cost, laptop can save hundreds or even thousands yuan RMB mould amortization cost. However, with the use of low-cost laptop mode, "crash" phenomena cannot be avoided. In the market, we often can look exactly like different brand notebook.

Use common engineering plastic shell mould, and every laptop can be compressed hundreds and even thousands of yuan RMB, the cost for students is good friend, abandon a fashion, can get great benefits. But you need to be aware that some low-cost laptop because too badly shrunk, there are many problems. Such as housing, light intensity of notebook, according to display will appear water ripple, the notebook once fell, often disastrous consequences, Also some low-cost laptop shaft strength and technology, rotation, also easy to dry, may damage internal line. Everybody when buying, must notice these details

Battery shrink

In order to reduce the cost, some low use small notebook battery capacity, 14 inches notebook, HP Pavilion DV2100 Laptop Battery often only used three core inside the battery (battery only three core). But plenty of 14 inches notebook, especially independent core notebook, video for 4 above, 6 and 8 battery core core. Using three core batteries battery core than six little 89 yuan cost, but the notebook 3000ibs will shrink half, the need for the users long endurance, this is unacceptable.

If only few in number, are barely core, some users may accept the notebook computer use, desktop when the dependence of the battery. But some manufacturers to further compression cost, also used in battery core, this cow saved tens of yuan, but cause battery life shortens greatly. Using hybrid core battery usually only about 100 times, in charge of life after 100 times, these batteries are often only last a few minutes. Such batteries, you dare to use?

. Everybody in the selection, Replacement HP Pavilion DV2100 Laptop Battery must notice when the laptop battery capacity problems. Generally 14 inches of notebook battery capacity 4400mAh not less than two hours, to life. As laptop battery core brand, we adopted is difficult to understand, but we will focus on the warranty transfer to battery. If a laptop battery only three months, or warranty caution is wonderful -- even manufacturers are "no confidence", with what let consumer trust?

 Tip: fast estimation 3000ibs notebook

In the purchase notebook, we almost impossible to field testing of notebook 3000ibs. However, we can estimate the information to the battery (provided that battery capacity and specifications without virtual standard). Estimation formula is: laptop battery voltage (V) x battery capacity (Ah), including power, notebook ÷ 1Ah = 1000mAh.

Using the integrated graphics in traditional laptop power 25W, Use the laptop power Battery For HP Pavilion DV2100 for independent video 35W ~ 45W (except the high-end graphics independent). To use a 4400mAh V / 14.4 battery integrated graphics, notebook 3000ibs for 14.4 x 25, namely 4.4 ÷ 2.5 hours. Of course, this formula can only roughly calculated, and the actual use of the time have a discrepancy.

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How notebook could be shrink?

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This article was published on 2010/10/10