Inventory Of 4,000 Yuan Value Dual

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Typically, in May, June are the notebook

Sell Off-season, since the national holiday on 51 small adjustments to the original seven days into a five-day, the holiday market driven economy is getting smaller; and 56 month pro forma is the world's students, as a consumer notebook main groups, the students family fade away, let the market this time is more bleak. Therefore, a series of promotional war in Shucu played in advance of opening.

There are many ways promotions, price cuts are the most common, and this week we see a variety of notebook for the price adjustment, which

Apple iPad Outstanding performance after arrival in the 3G version, WiFi ordinary version of the prices began to loosen, the current price of 16GB of iPad only 4550 yuan, while still more expensive than the U.S. mainland, but at least not so outrageous. Price cuts on the one hand, the other is sufficient supply of products, particularly hot product,

Lenovo Y460 , The macro? 4745,4820 T, Shenzhou-A560 series and the Sony E Series, etc., can be seen in the market, and prices for some time before May 1 can be cheaper. In addition,

Is now off-season does not leave, but the above is every indication that now is a good time to buy, not only Azeri Zhongguancun little less black Shopping guide, shopping is good, and the abundant supply of price stability, so the time to choose the notebook, or more cost-effective.

Today recommended that the 4000 per low-end notebook products, do not look down the price of the notebook, which is almost no additional vendors selling the best piece of OME, after all, we all love cheap Well, but these products were selected in quality is not diminished, not so easy today for the majority of users editing the collecting several bar.

Products: Legend B550A-TSI Notebook Price: 4130 yuan Lenovo's low-end products of non-B series must go, the last year, Lenovo has just landed a series of product lines in order to mold not be reduced allocation in line with the principle of the supremacy of practical, usually B Series appearance looked very simple, but cost-effective is very high, the latest of the new Lenovo B550A-TSI notebook, equipped with a

Intel Core 2 Duo T6570 processor, discrete graphics in the 15-inch business model. Quoted at 4,130 yuan,

In shape, the Legend B550A-TSI notebook materials with high touch, black matte color with 15.6 in. LED-backlit display,

Keyboard Double metal plate under the support of strong pressure not only to provide better health protection, radiation shielding; 6-cell lithium

Battery With, the whole weight of 2.75 kg.

Legend B550A-TSI Notebook B550A-TSI Lenovo notebook with Core 2 Duo T6570 processor, Intel GM45

Motherboard Chipset, NVIDIA Geforce G210M independent graphics card; have 2GB

Memory , 320G HDD, Super DVD burner; 802.11B + G Wireless LAN card, 30-megapixel camera, stereo audio; preloaded DOS operating system.

B550A-TSI Lenovo notebook in addition to size, weight greater than the overall configuration is used


More than enough; and as a business notebook, the model has a strong, durable quality hardware and a key recovery, a key anti-virus and other security software.
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Inventory Of 4,000 Yuan Value Dual

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This article was published on 2010/09/10