November notebook purchase guide

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People pay more attention to low just employment

Statistics from the readers' letters and phone calls, Replacement Dell Latitude D531N Laptop Battery ,just work (and a small number is on jobs) who occupy the intention of buying machine, this part of the proportion of 25% of the consumers aged 22 years old. Due to the economic environment influence, in this part of the crowd, there are more than 50 percent of the buyers intention in 4000 yuan ~ 45 yuan, and the model of independent card no special requirements, mainly concentrated in the office, network application and the use of software industry, rarely mentioned game application. But in the brand names, higher rates of dell, lenovo, HP, among them and the shenzhou A840 dell and Inspiron 1410/1525 series, lenovo's 3,000 series, HP 54 x series roll rate is higher.

The buyers in students' intent on cuhk HuaShuo and shenzhou despite low ultra-cheap type, but even in the employment rate is not high in the readers' names, we analyze the crowd and employment by environmental impact, after all in the office and business fields, use, the crowd low-end notebook shenzhou model is not much. Therefore, the brand image and brand coverage is quite important, perhaps to carry out a product itself, not certain qualities, but based on brand and environment, often can more attention.

Different user groups ratio statistics

Students focus on software performance

In the letter, Battery For Dell Latitude D531N ,the student readers still occupy 60% share. We found that most students still on 14 inches and 15 inches was preferred by machine. By "the bedroom environment impact, the vast majority of students are put forward, hd video games, etc. We noticed, more than 80 per cent of students who proposed intention buyers AutoCAD software design requirements, and many people want to make clear that this kind of software in the midrange notebook of performance. Suggestions on sales of notebook vendor for laptop industry software operation ability, and proper in advertising, even when joining relevant information can be considered Join the humanized design related to students, to enhance the user's appeal, and compete in force. The students focus on brand, notebook ,HP, average relative distribution, lenovo, dell acer, shenzhou's call rate is higher, appearance beautiful, because of the Studio15 dell has spread in January, goods obtained high attention. Part of the machine and acer is because by the students of the outstanding performance. The first notebook brand, shenzhou still get a lot of attention recently. While the domestic brand names are relatively second notebook, this also is in accord with our early in the analysis of the "great", "evergrande mainstream model more mainstream trends. This is a phenomenon of domestic brands, the second notebook, more perfect product attention was introduced, it is imperative to machine.

Different size Notebook attention proportion 

12 inch notebook attention to continue to ascend

In November, said the letter calls to buy 12 inches of people continue to increase, notebook with 12 inches of notebook prices down. Actually, it also reflects the second buyers users increased. According to our store investigation and readers, especially for the first time, young buyers usually don't choose 12 inches model, some students in the first choice, when buying machine won't consider pamphlet model 12 inches. The number of students choose 12 inches models, reflect the many students also has begun a second buyers. They still have demand for performance and control - this is a new market opportunities, hope many haven't launch of low-cost laptop,with Dell Latitude D531N, Dell Latitude D531N Laptop Battery, models of 12-inch manufacturers use of it.










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November notebook purchase guide

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This article was published on 2010/10/22