The Technologically Advanced laptops and Notebooks

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Present technology allows laptops and notebooks to be slimmer, sleeker, and smaller for mobile computing by their design. This is the reason as to why the size of portable mobile devices is decreasing. Owing to this reason, the distinction amid the notebook and laptop is separated by almost an invisible fine line.

First let us answer if there are really any differences between the notebook and laptop?

When most of the consumers shop for laptops, they end up buying a notebook. They hardly know what the difference between these two is. In actual there is none. It is upon the manufacturers who name their products in order to increase their sales. Traditionally and technically, these both mobile devices are the same. Still let us highlight some points which create a slight difference between them.

Notebook – Extremely light in weight, a notebook is generally called a personal computer which is small enough to fit easily in your briefcase. These mobile devices use varied techniques which are known as flat panel technologies, in order to produce non bulky and lightweight display screen. Notebooks come along with battery packs which enable you to operate them without plugging them in sockets. The only drawback is that the batteries need to be recharged after some hours.

Laptop – Small portable computer, which is small enough to sit on your laps, laptops are generally called the notebook computers. Speaking technically these are somewhat larger than the notebooks in their weight and thickness while generate heat which causes damaging effects on your laps and knees.

The laptops were initially designed as replica of desktop however are light and small in weight so that they could be used by keeping on your laps. It is owing to this, that the laptops had more advanced features than notebooks had, however the tradeoff was much heavier and larger on notebooks. This is due to the advantageous feature that, notebooks were perfect for mobility as well as portability. Besides this, the notebook seemed much thinner and sleeker and weighed less than a laptop as it didn’t come complete with multiple devices, features, and drive.

In essence a notebook was designed to facilitate the mobile computing which won’t break your back however will still offer the power to the mobile users who want to work while rest at the same time. Now days the notebooks come in the form of tablets, which are touch sensitive while they can be folded back to cover their keypads. Many times the consumers use the term notebooks and laptops interchangeably, but the mobile computing manufacturers now seem to have dropped the term laptop from their product line and are now favoring them as notebooks.

After this whole discussion we come to a conclusion that notebooks are much preferred mobile computing devices with integrated monitors. With their stunning performance as compared to other mobile computing devices, it is certainly a leading player in this game. Notebooks have changed the manner businessmen operated and interacted with consumers. The portable notebook has become more of a fashion accessory rather than productivity.

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The Technologically Advanced laptops and Notebooks

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The Technologically Advanced laptops and Notebooks

This article was published on 2013/07/23