Use in the summer notebook to note six items

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In the hot summer months, how can health and safety through books, all users are concerned about the issue, I am going to talk about laptop use in the summer a few precautions. 1. Work and rest. Notebook also to note rest, in prolonged use, the notebook's temperature will rise a lot, so in the rest of the time, Keyicaiyong sleep / sleep / standby Deng Fang Shi, so the rest notebook Yeneng good look.
2. Maintain the outlet flow. When you use the notebook do not let anything block the outlet, with particular attention not to the soft bed or mattress to use vgp-bps8 battery In addition, the summer before, the outlet, laptop heat sink, fan and other parts of the cleaning, but also a very good Idea 3. Appropriate booster books. We can artificially padded notebook, the notebook at the bottom to bring better air circulation, the heat away faster. If the prolonged use of laptop, notebook under arms in copper, steel and some help heat the material. Do not booster the same time, be sure to pay attention to maintaining a stable notebook. 4. To maintain ventilation. sony vgp-bps8a battery In the summer, be sure to use the notebook to keep the room's ventilation, air circulation to ensure a good notebook cooling.
5. Cooling base. Now there are a lot of notebooks on the market dedicated cooling base, you can choose according to their needs, enhance the laptop's heat.
6. As far as the use of air-conditioned room. Summer, conditional of course, is air-conditioned environments, not only their own comfort, but also can solve notebook cooling environment. Consumers with other homes for fear of the battery, IBM added recognition in the control circuit, so that other families in the IBM notebook battery impossible,sony vgp-bps9 battery for batteries does not work, one for batteries, control circuits on the lock. IBM is really shameless of this act be called.
One person every day thinking about how state solution for IBM laptop battery after the lock core, though now no reliable method to unlock and open, useful rewritable rewrite the IC recording devices record of success for the core, but not universal and reliable method .
IBM and Toshiba have used this trick for the battery problem, IBM laptop battery are high in such high cost of preventive measures on the.

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Use in the summer notebook to note six items

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This article was published on 2010/09/29